• Katie

"Wild One" Birthday Party

If you have a cute little monster who is turning one, then this storybook look-alike party is perfect for you! "Where the Wild Things Are" inspired theme calls for a wild rumpus indeed.

I knew months in advance that our son's first birthday party was going to be Where the Wild Things Are themed - it just fits his personality. Although I was deathly ill in the first trimester with our next kid, (woe is me! And yes, our kids are a mere 18 months apart. And yes, it was planned - ha!) I had to pull SOMETHING together. I mean, I live for birthdays, and it's my first kid's first birthday.

I had been looking for an old, vintage highchair for months and finally my darling mother-in-law stumbled upon this in a thrift shop for $6 and picked it up for me - yay! If you're looking for a specific piece, let people know so you can have more eyes out there.

I wanted the look to be classic, just like the book. I mean, it didn't get Caldecott for nothing. So I chose my favorite page and and did my best to DIY recreate it. It may or may not have been my favorite page because it was the simplest hehe...

I had big dreams of thematic and over-the-top food, crowns for all and an amazing photo booth, but we had the party with make-your-own deli sandwiches and store bought cookies, as that was the best I could muster (:

Pro Tips:

  • I spray painted the highchair because I thought it would be easier, but really I ended up doing like 4 coats or something. It probably would have been way faster and cheaper to use a brush and roller.

  • The Wild Thing crowns on Etsy are a little pricey so I sewed one with lamé fabric and faux fur from Hobby Lobby.

  • We didn't get a good picture of his cake, but I made one a few layers tall with chocolate frosting so that it looked a little woodsy.

  • The plants around the letter board are the $5 ones from Ikea that I use around my house, I just gathered them together for that little display.

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