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Delicate Baby Girl Shower

Blush pink floral, lush greenery, tinted pink plates, white refinished vintage buffet table, pink peonies, custom royal icing sugar cookies, and raspberry cupcakes. Oh so feminine!

For years I have been surrounded by baby boys being born left and right. I LOVE how dapper, fun and easy going boys are but I can't tell you how stoked I was that my sister-in-law was having a GIRL! Bring on the pink and the flowers and the bows and the pink and the dresses and the pink.

I am a girl through and through, so needless to say I was stoked out of my mind to throw her a feminine shower. (:

Ultimate Party Guide

1. Find a buffet. (months prior or ASAP)

This was a task that took me months. I looked all over online yard sales, KSL, and

Letgo. Vintage buffets are obviously a novelty, and so they sure aren't cheap! I finally found the one pictured, that I L.O.V.E., for $250 and felt really good about it as an investment. This is a piece I can use around our home, rent out and use for many more events.

2. Refinish the buffet. (As soon as buffet is found!)

My husband and I tag-teamed this. He sanded and I painted. I used this

chalk paint. It was my first time working with chalk paint so I was a little nervous to put it on such a beautiful piece of furniture, but as long as you work fast and watch for drips, its easy to work with. I really love the soft, matte finish that chalk paint offers.

3. Find and send your invitations. (Send out 3 - 4 weeks before event)

I often base the entire shower off of the invitation! I mean, I have

a theme in mind, but the invitation kind of solidifies it. But what came first, the chicken or the egg? I found these stunning invitations from VintageSweetDesign off of Etsy. She was great to work with, and very quick.

4. Find and tint your plates. (A month or so prior)

It's no secret that I love our local thrift store to stalk up for events. After I

got the guest list and knew how many I would need, I found a bunch of glass dessert plates from our local DI. I looked up a bunch of ways to tint glass but made up my own way.

  • In a pie tin, mix a bottle of Elmers Glue with a half a pack of your color choice of Rit Dye and a quart of water.

  • Dip the entire bottom of the plate in the mixture. Tilt it sideways and gently blow on it to get the bubbles out and to get an even coat.

  • Place it on a cookie sheet lined with tinfoil, dipped side up, and put it in the oven for 30 minutes. Check it half way through to see if it needs any blotchy spots dabbed off with a paper towel to even it out.

  • *I only dipped the back of the plate because A. It puddles in the middle if you do it on the front side, and B. if you scrape it or scrub it, the tint rolls right off in true Elmers Glue fashion. I didn't want anyone to get a big bite of Elemers Glue in the middle of the treats!

5. Order and prepare your party favors. (1 - 2 months prior, the need time to ship)

Did you know you can order succulents in bulk off of Etsy,

and that it's actually quite a steal of a deal? Well you can! They come in a box with very special instructions and each little plants comes in a tiny plastic pot wrapped in newspaper, all stacked on top of each other. Amazing!

Then I got a bunch of these little 2" tera cotta pots from Micheals for $.79 each and then they were all 40 percent off. Although they fit well in the 2" pots, I would recommend getting 3" pots because some of the pots were tipping over. I spray painted them white, and tied a little tag on them. I had to add a little hot glue to keep the twine and tag from slipping down the pot as if its pants fell down.

The transfer from the plastic pot they come in, to the newly painted tera cotta pots was INTENSE! I have no green thumb whatsoever and was terrified I was going to kill each and every plant before anyone even got to see how cute they were. Plus they had such a journey to even get to me, I wanted them to have a chance! There were lots of little roots and the pots were against me and trying to tip over, but we prevailed and they turned out adorable.

6. Solidify a menu. (1 month prior)

  • When other family and friends are asking to help out, but you are in a creative flow and aren't sure what to have them do, asking them to help with specific food a good way to help people feel included.

  • My vision with this shower was all about the dessert table. I thought of a variety of desserts that would look good together, and then did whatever else for lunch, since it wouldn't be on the buffet. We did classic (yet delish) chicken salad sandwiches on croissants which people LOVED all thanks to this recipe. My mouth is watering just thinking about them! We paired it with chips, fruit and dip and veggies and dip. Because the dessert table was more elaborate, I felt good about keeping the lunch simple.

  • The cupcakes were a last minute addition, but they were by far the favorite. Who woulda thought. They were from a boxed Betty Crocker cake mix and instead of adding olive oil, I added coconut oil, and topped them with this buttercream frosting recipe and a raspberry for some extra fanciness and to maybe hide the fact that I am no master at cake decorating - ha!

7. Choose your games. (1 month prior)

Some people love crazy, in - your - face games and others like simple and intimate games. Think about who you are showering and what would make them feel most comfortable and loved. We did the "Guess the Circumference" game, estimation jar and a variation on "Wishes for Baby"

  • I like "Guess the Circumference" because it is hilarious to see everyone's guesses, and you can make it more personal and have each person come up and wrap their own string around the momma's tummy, or you can just have the mama do it if that wouldn't be comfortable for everyone.

  • I figure every mom - to - be gets WAY more advice than they could ever want, so I wrote up more gentle and sweet things for people to write on. Then we went around in a circle and read them and it was really nice!

8. Print out all your printouts. (1 - 2 weeks prior)

  • "Take a guess" for games

  • A few of each of the "wish" cards for guests to fill out

  • A few coloring pages for the kids to stay entertained (I just found some on Pinterest)

  • "Watch Me Grow" tags, if you haven't already printed those

9. Bake and prepare every ounce of food that you can the days prior to the shower. No matter how much time you think you will have the day of, it will never be as much as you want.

10. Day of: Get your flowers and put everything together! We just used floral wire to string together some greenery for the garland, and then let the rest of the greenery overflow out of the drawer.

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