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What Does a Wedding Planner Do – 16 Things You Didn’t Know

For a fantastic wedding day, a wedding planner is critical. While you might know about a few things they do, you might not know all of the details of what duties they can help you with. Beyond giving incredible advice, organizing your wedding, and offering guidance, a wedding planner can handle all little things that many couples might need an extra hand to cover.

What does a wedding planner do? Here are 16 things that you didn’t know wedding planners can do for your wedding day!

Help with Design Elements

Most wedding planners include design services to their job description. What they do is help the couple choose color palettes, décor, lighting, rentals and the overall aesthetic of your wedding. This duty can help you feel less stressed about making the right decisions if you aren’t creative or have too many ideas to choose from.

Manage Wedding Finances

Wedding planners can help couples develop a financial budget and also help them stick to it. However, what you didn’t know is that they can also keep track of payment due dates so that no deadlines are missed!

Schedule Wedding Meetings

A good wedding planner can stay two steps ahead of you, so it’s very likely that they will take on the task of scheduling meetings with vendors or venues leading up to your wedding day. Wedding planners take the stress of making sure that every vendor meeting is scheduled well enough in advance, which helps you relax and enjoy being engaged.

Help with Family Mediations

Weddings bring to light family dynamics that often lead to high emotions. When this happens, the duty of starting family mediations falls on the wedding planner – leaving them to hold conversations that need to take place and help find compromises.

Usually, they can help clarify the situation and help get everyone back on the same page.

Offer Fashion Expertise

Brides often want a second opinion of what bridesmaids, groomsmen, and family members should wear to their wedding. When this happens, wedding planners are there to help you with their expert advice. Wedding planner duties can include offering guidance on the bride’s wedding dress and accessory selection.

Set Up a Wedding Website

While you might think that making your wedding website is easy, your wedding planner can help make any small changes and edits that will ensure that the website looks and feels right.

Send Out Invitations

If you want to avoid twisting the arms of family members to help you stuff, stamp and send out invitations, your wedding planner can help. One of their duties includes helping to take care of sending out your invitations so that this time-consuming detail doesn’t get in the way of enjoying your engaged life.

Interview Potential Vendors

The rest of your vendors are just as important as your wedding planner, so since you’ve found your perfect wedding planner have you found the rest of your vendors? Leave it to your wedding planner to interview any potential hires to make sure that you’re only working with the best and most reputable professionals.

Track RSVPs

Managing RSVPs can be incredibly stressful, but your wedding planner can take on that duty and take away that stress so that you have one less thing to worry about.

Plan Guest Experience

When it comes down to planning the perfect wedding weekend experience, your wedding planner can make sure that your guests have a weekend they won’t forget. They can coordinate details such as travel, day-of transportation, hotel room blocks, and even welcome bags so that you can sit back and enjoy making memories with those you love.

Supervise Sound Checks

Your wedding planner can ensure that everything is set up and that it all goes on without any problems; this is helpful when it comes to speaker systems and microphones that tend to go awry.

Offer Etiquette Advice

Wedding planners are a couples go-to resource for dealing with all things regarding proper etiquette. They can help you deal with seating chart dilemmas to wedding stationery wording of “plus one” invites.

Help Style Photos

Your wedding planner can work closely with your videographer and photographer and help them stay on schedule, make sure that they are present throughout the entire event, style your paper products, and make sure that everything is perfect for your photos.

Manage Rowdy Guests

The last thing that a newlywed couple needs to deal with is a guest who has had far too much to drink and is causing a scene. A great wedding planner will make sure that any unruly guest gets some coffee and move them out of the spotlight so that the couple won’t notice.

Ensure No Moment Is Missed

What does a wedding planner do on your wedding day? A wedding planner makes sure that your guests don’t miss out on any critical moments during your day. From speeches, cake cutting, to the first dance, they’ll make sure that your guests are present for each event.

Coordinate Your Exit

Wedding planners can help make sure that your getaway is as magical as your wedding day itself. Plus, they can help make sure that any overnight bags or personal belongings arrive at your hotel safely.

Wedding planners are essential for making sure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch. They perform many duties, some of which you didn’t even know about, to make sure that everything is perfect for you and your significant other.

They can help you figure out your wedding budget and help make sure that you’re sticking to it to helping you make design choices for your wedding. All of these things are duties that not everyone knew a wedding planner could do for them – now you do!

What do wedding planners do? They do just about anything that you need help with throughout planning your perfect day and executing your dreams on the big day.

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