• Katie

Plaid & Pines

Cozy fur placemats tucked under scalloped white plates. Personal red pottery casseroles, mini trees and a string of tassel pompoms. All enveloped by plaid.

I am usually into sparkling ornaments and sparkling tree-skirts and sparkling wrapping paper, but this year I was feeling the cozy festivities of winter when I went shopping for Christmas decor. Buffalo plaid cannot be beat when it comes to cozy patterns, and fur cannot be beat when it comes to cozy anything.

So I went to the greatest place on earth (AKA Hobby Lobby) and found all the buffalo plaid and fur along with these personal-size red casserole dishes. Christmas decor at Hobby Lobby comes in around May and is 50 percent off until the end of the year - like I said, greatest place on earth. I was going to make our family red and white buffalo plaid stockings with a string of tassels hanging down from the top of the socks, but it all ended up on our table, and I sure love how it turned out!

How to Create This Look

  • The pom-pom tassel adds a modern and fun feel to the timeless and rustic elements of the rest of the table scape. It comes on a roll in the ribbon section, and you can get it by the yard at Hobby Lobby.

  • Throwing a long placemat over the edge of the table offers an elegant feel.

  • I always love adding my CB2 Rush Gold Flatware to any table scape to add an extra pop of class.

  • The black and white plaid is from Michaels Craft and is actually a scarf that I got for 50 percent off and it threw perfectly over our little table.

  • The tiny tree is also from Michaels, and it was $5 and came exactly as it is with the base wrapped in burlap.

  • The plates are our regular kitchen plates my grandma gave us when we got married. They're the best (and so is my grandma!).

  • The simple greenery on the plates are little pieces I cut off from Costco's 20-foot fresh Christmas garlands for $18.

Pro Tips

  • When cutting fur material, get as close as you can to the base of the fabric so you're only cutting the fabric that the fur is attached to, and not giving the fur an unwanted hair cut!

  • I ran out of fur to put under the centerpiece so I cut little strips off of the placemats and poked them out from underneath the plaid, making it look like I didn't actually run out - ha! And then the table wasn't drowning in fur, but it created a nice balance of fur as a central element.

  • The garlands fit perfectly around a door frame and last longer outside because of colder temperatures. My mom put hers over their fireplace and it dried up within a week or two - which in hindsight, we should have seen coming - ha!

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Springville, Utah