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Stranger Things Season 2 Party

Eggo bar, full exclusive scavenger hunt, thousands of bulbs, authentic vintage banana-seat bike, Castle Byers fort and iconic alphabet wall.

This party was all about the details and it was SO fun to watch people discover different elements of the show around the house. My husband and I hosted this event the night that Season Two premiered on Netflix.

For entry, guests were required to show their "011" temporary tattoo that we sent in the mail. We started with taking pictures - costumes were also required, so we HAD to document. Everyone's favorite picture spots seemed to be in front of the alphabet wall or in front of the entry to the Upside Down. Then we sent everyone on a crazy and hilarious scavenger hunt with legit prizes like Chic-fil-A giftcards. Then, we all created our Eggo masterpieces from the Eggo bar and hunkered down with dozens of pillows and blankies to watch the show!

I forgot to take pictures of the entire room and hallway, (it's ok I only cried like six times about it). There were just so many intricate details we wanted to take pictures of that we forgot to get a full shot. Please learn from my mistakes! BUT - the kitchen was decked out with hanging mesh cloth, spider webs and creepy crawlies, so it felt like you were in the Upside Down. The living room and hallway were strung with literally thousands of mismatched lightbulbs, and multiple lamps to feel exactly like Joyce Byers' house.

We made a "Castle Byers" fort for the kids to play in while we watched the new episodes, in case it was too scary for them. It was super cool, I was really tempted to have a sleep over in there after everyone left.

Obviously, since we hadn't seen Season Two yet, all the inspiration came from Season One. (:

Ultimate Party Guide below...

Ultimate Party Guide:

One month + before:

  1. Create and print your invitations. I got the title from Google images and inserted it into a Picmonkey doc to add the rest of the words myself since its a super simple design. You can also download the Stranger Things font.

  2. Order your temporary "011" tattoos. I got mine from a shop that is no longer in service, but I found them on Etsy - so look there.

  3. Get your invites and tattoos sent out! Yay!

  4. If you are going to order alphabet letters instead of draw them, order them now so they have plenty of time to get there. You can order some from me, here, or you can find some on Etsy.

  5. Start collecting Christmas lights to borrow. You can use a little clear tape to wrap around a strand and write their names on it so that there's no confusion afterwards.

  6. Things to find at your local thrift store (I had to look multiple times to find the corded yellow phone, so keep going back if you need to): retro lamps, corded phone, costume stuff, Christmas lights, and a Dungeons and Dragons* type of book

  • *My brother helped me understand this - forgive my ignorance. You don't "have" the game D&D. You can have some of the books that tell you different scenarios to play. You can also have like a few 26 sided dice or something and action figures. And they're all really expensive. SO. I made a playing board out of poster board and sharpie, got a dragon book from the thrift store, got some figurines off Amazon and pull some regular old dice out of the Yahtzee set in our closet. My brother offered to let me borrow his books and dice, but after I figured out how much they all cost I didn't want to risk it!

Two - Three Weeks Before:

  1. Find wood and make "Castle Byers" fort sign. I just used wood from the oldest looking pallet I could find and painted on it with acrylic paint.

  2. Purchase cups, napkins, utensils and **Plates

  • **Draw the flee and the tightrope on the plates. Normally I would get sturdier plates, but since these are the kind from the show, I just doubled them up and drew on every other one. It only took me like 30 minutes to draw all of them. In the show, it's really sloppily drawn - so it makes it easy to duplicate!

3. Costumes: So many fun options! We just hit up the thrift store and Walmart for all of our

costume needs. (:

  • I made a Demogorgon costume for our baby -- which he loved! You can tell by the pictures! Just kidding he hated it haha. I think I made it too tight around his chubby little face. He was in a grey long sleeve onesie. I just used felt and cut out petal kind of things and put little felt teeth on the "petals" to make it look like the demogorgon's mouth. And to make sure it was sturdy I put pipe cleaner behind each piece. I used a hot glue gun for all of that! Then I wrapped the ends of the petals around a stretchy head-band material and sewed both ends of the head band together so it could wrap around his face. It was hilarious!

  • My husband was Mike. All clothes from the thrift store. Although a few days later, on Halloween, he dressed up as Steve and he was a perfect doppelganger. He has that big, curly Steve hair. He even used four puffs of hair spray.

  • I was "pretty...good" El. Everything was from the thrift store except for the socks. I have blond shoulder length hair, so I just had to do it.

  • Max, our dog, was also El - but in hospital lab form. We put him in a hospital robe and I made a brain scanner out of black pipe cleaner and tied a little piece of red ribbon where the pipe cleaner connected. To get it to stay we just tucked it under his big ears. We were all dying laughing watching him run around the neighborhood in a hospital gown!

Week of:

  1. Build the Castle Byers fort. I dedicated our whole front room to this. I totally broke indoor fort-building rules and used duck tape to keep everything sturdy. Then I just filled the whole thing with comfy pillows and blankets, made sure there was a lamp and an outlet for a computer that they could watch happy shows on.

  2. Hang Castle Byers Signs (complete with American flag). My husband did this for me. So that we wouldn't have to destroy our door frames, he hung them on strings and hung them from nails that were hidden behind / above the door frames where no one would really see.

  3. Print out: "Have You Seen Me" posters, Jonathan Byers' prints from the night of Barb's disappearance, and scavenger hunt lists - for each person if you're doing individual, or each group if you're doing groups.

  4. Spray the yellow phone. It took one tinesy, quick spurt of spray from 12 or so inches away at both spots where the cord connects to the phone and the base. (See pics, makes more sense.)

  5. Make the Upside Down entrance door.

  • I took a $5 black sheet set and pulled the elastic out of the fitted sheet so I had two flat sheets.

  • Line up the corner of the sheet with the INTERIOR top corner of the door frame or house, as if you were going to hang the sheet to cover the whole door. Make sure the short side of the sheet goes across the top of the door frame, and the long side reaches down to the floor.

  • Then tack the sheet edges down the door frame and the top of the sheet edges across the top of the door frame.

  • Starting at the bottom, cut one foot wide strips across the short ways of the sheet horizontally. When you start getting closer to the top, angle the cut of the strips so you have some vertical strips hanging down from the top of the door frame.

  • Pull all the strips around the door frame to the EXTERIOR of the house, twist the ends of them and tack them to the outside wall in a spooky pattern - whatever that looks like to you haha.

  • That will only fill half of the space up, so do the same thing on the opposite side.

  • I cut out a few holes so that the door could close and lock. I cut strips out / off of the sheet where the hinges were, and used those strips to fill in other places.

Day Before:

  1. Hang lights and mesh from ceiling for Upside Down (took me 3-4 hours, hence the reason I only cried six times that we forgot to take pics)

  2. Hang alphabet wall with the special vintage lights.

Day of:

  1. Get all the food: All types of Eggos, toppings like peanut butter, Nutella, strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, butter, cinnamon sugar etc., CocaCola in classic red cans, chocolate pudding and lots of milk! (We didn't have tons of room in our freezer or fridge, so thats why we got everything they day of.)

  2. Food prep for this party is easy, because its all processed (lol) so you just have to pull it out when you are ready to eat!

  3. Set up / finalize decor! Believe me, you will thank yourself for doing as much as you can do the day before.

  • Hang "Have You Seen Me" signs - everywhere! All over! So many!

  • Hang up the phone

  • Put up the lamps on the floor / tables

  • Set up the D&D stuff on the table

  • Cobwebs all over the Upside Down

  • Put Scavenger hunt Clues in their correct spots


  • Remember the music! Spotify, baby.

  • We put the food out after scavenger hunt. Then all the Eggos could stay frozen while we were playing, and we could also watch the show while eating.

  • Get lots of toasters - we just had people coming to the party bring their toasters!

  • Take lots of pictures...make sure you get both far away and close up pictures. Ah!

  • Clear tacks are magic if you use two or three to hold up one point of the strand on the ceiling. Yes, I felt I like I had blisters on my thumbs by the time I was done haha. Tack holes also don't show up on textured ceilings unless you are REALLY looking for them.

  • It always takes longer than you think. I thought hanging the lights would take me an hour or two, but it took me three or four. Plan ahead.

  • If you order vintage Christmas lights, be sure you get the kind that are not JUST bulbs - without strand. Ty had to go out on a mad hunt for vintage christmas lights because even though I had ordered these lights weeks in advance, I didn't open them up till the day of. So make sure you get bulbs PLUS strand.

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