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Hot Air Balloon Shower

A vintage themed hot air balloon baby boy shower! Cozy colors and a timeless feel. Detailed plans and rentals available.

I had totally forgotten that the mama I was throwing this shower for had told me that her dad was a hot air balloon pilot until I was almost done with the papier-mâché balloons! I think my subconscious remembered and that's why I chose this theme to surprise her with.

There is something really special about baby showers. Maybe it's that I love babies and that I love moms. Maybe it's the way that all the women (and men!) unite together to support and love each other before a huge life-long adventure. Maybe it's that buying baby clothes probably gives you more cute-induced endorphins than anything else in the world...besides the actual baby that the cute clothes go on. Ultimately, I value mothers and love that they get a good launch of love before their little one arrives.

Ultimate Party Guide below...

Ultimate Party Guide:

One Month + Before

  1. Have your showeree start a guest list

  2. Talk with your showeree and see if they want to choose a theme or have any other special requests for the shower. Some showeree's love to be surprised by everything and some would like to have more of a say and send you their favorite Pins for inspo. Be open to either!

  3. Create or choose the invitations and send them out. These are from PartyMonkey Etsy Shop

  4. If people want to help and I have a vision for the event, I like to have people be in charge of games or the meal (unless the food is part of the vision). So coordinate with others to see who wants to be in charge of what, and do it as early as possible so they have lots of time to prepare (:

  5. Start your hot air balloons:

  • My sister and I probably spent 30 hours on the hot air balloons. We did three layers of papier-mâché on each balloon with home made no-cook flour and water paste.

  • We used two size of balloons, and started with 15 or 16 balloons. Go with a few extra, in case any of them crack or warp. We had ten fully successful balloons, out of the 15 or 16.

  • We free-hand painted the balloons with acrylic paint from Hobby Lobby. I brought the invitation to the store so I could perfectly coordinate the colors.

  • For the baskets we used candy / nut cups (two different sizes for the two different sized balloons) and hot glued jute to them. I started at the bottom center of the cup and circled around until I got to the top. I did two layers of jute around the very top brim to make it look more realistic.

Week + before

  1. Order non-perishable items.

  • I got the bags and some of the candy/nut cups from Hobby Lobby, and some of the candy/nut cups from Amazon.

  • You can find the hot air balloon candy molds here.

Week of

  1. See if the people that might be in charge of food or games, or anything else, need anything extra from you that you should prepare for.

  2. Purchase food:

  • I got the candy for the candy jars from Winco. They have an awesome bulk section and it can save you a lot of money if you are needing to fill entire candy jars!

  • Get a giant list from all the recipes you will be making so you only have to go to the store once (:

3. Start baking. As I always say, prep absolutely all the food you can the days leading up to

the event. If you add up the baked or hand-made treats on the table, it doesn't look like it

would take very long. But my mom and sister came over the day before and we baked

aaaaaaall day long - and boy, do I mean all day.

  • We used regular food coloring and white almond bark to create the different colored suckers from the molds. Learn from my mistakes! Definitely should have thought of this beforehand, but - test your colors on a small amount of almond bark, and write down how many drops of what colors you use so you can replicate the color exactly when if you want to make more. (:

  • I didn't trust myself to make cake pops the shape of a hot air balloon, so we did Rice Krispie treats instead! Much easier to manipulate. The Reese's Peanut Butter Cups were sliding down the sticks so we hot glued a bow on to keep them up.

  • My sister rocked the royal icing cookies and it was her first time ever using royal icing! I especially love how she made the clouds wispy.

Day of

  1. Finalize any baking or cooking that you couldn't do beforehand.

  2. Set up your decor!

  • I had a hot air balloon hanging from the front door to give people a little sneak peak into what was coming!

  • Give yourself about an hour to set up just a tablescape.

  • To attach the balloons to the ceiling I wrapped the string around the pointy end of a clear tack and pushed it into the ceiling, then did that two more times right next to each other with the same string. So each balloon was reinforced with three tacks. I feel better about putting tacks in a textured ceiling than in a smooth wall haha!

  • I put out candy cups, plates and bags so people could get their treats to go, walk around and snack, or eat them on the spot.


  • I love a Jack Johnson playlist for baby showers.

  • Right before the guests were about to arrive I realized my plan for the Rice Krispie pop display wasn't going to work. So I got some styrofoam from one of my drink dispenser boxes, wrapped it in blue tissue paper and did a quick layer of cream acrylic paint over it to tone down the blue and give it the vintage look we were going for.

  • When you are almost done setting up, see if anything needs a little more or a little less texture. I added little twine bows to the mason jars that were holding the suckers. It added an extra little element and tied in with the jute balloon baskets and bows on the Krispie pops. Once those were on I felt finished (:

  • I was so glad our other friend was in charge of games because I learned something so important! Shower games can be really uniting and fun, or they can be really awkward and uncomfortable. I think that the biggest determining factor in that is how the showeree feels about games. I am totally fine being the center of attention and having in-your-face games at showers, but this mama hates that! So our friend in charge of the games talked to her before hand and figured out that she just wanted a few low key games - and it was perfect.

  • We had an estimation jar with sugar babies. We also did a "guess the circumference" game where people cut a piece of yarn of their estimated size of mama's tummy. Then you circle your yarn up, write your name on a clothes pin and clamp it around the yarn. That way, she could measure them around her tummy while people were still talking, and all the attention wasn't on her but she still had a good laugh and felt loved.

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