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Epic, Easy Halloween Party

Pre-themed, orange and black decor along with simple snacks makes for a halloween party so fabulously easy it will put the spooks out of the planning and into the party!

I was pregnant during this halloween party, so things were moving a little more slowly in our home. There wasn't time or energy for elaborate decor and over-the-top party games. But did that stop us from throwing our annual halloween party? Nay!

My first stop was Hobby Lobby (obvi) where I found the darling pre-themed "Trick-or-Treat" candy buckets, plates, napkins and straws, (pre-themed meaning I didn't create a theme, I purchased the theme straight off the shelf). Where did I get the cute trays, you might ask? I sent my husband to the Walmart Halloween section to grab anything else that might display food that was orange or black. What a guy! Look what he came up with - I loved it. I got a few more bowls from JoAnns, pulled out some creepy milk-cloth from the year before for a tablecloth and called it good on the display.

We always do a costume competition because it's easy, puts people in the spirit of halloween and

breaks down social walls which makes for a festive time. People always have a ball cheering for the best costume (family, couple, or individual) to determine the winner and we always give a way real prizes. Prizes could be $30 to Chic-fil-a with a King sized Kit-Kat, Target gift card, or a Sodalicious gift card. The winners this year? Behold...

"We have a 2319!" Monsters Inc. is one of the five movies I watched on repeat as a kid...and teenager...and adult. We have ginormous dog (horse?!) and I have always wanted to dress him up as Sully from Monster's Inc. for Halloween. Since pregnant belly's make the perfect Mike head, this was the year. Who's to say if I will ever be pregnant on halloween again? The rest of our costumes were cut out for us, so my husband just kinda got stuck with being the villain, Randall, ha! Although our kid is a boy, I dressed him up as boo. I had to, right? I had to.

*I died Max's hair blue by mixing sugar-free Kool-Aid packets and this horse conditioner. The best tutorial I found can be found here.

How to Plan an Epic, Easy Halloween Party

One - Two Months Prior

1. Buy a theme. This is a lot easier for smaller parties like kids birthdays or holidays rather than large events like weddings. When you buy a theme there are usually multiple main items to make a set. i.e., matching plates, cups, straws, napkins or flatware. One of my favorite places to buy a full matching set of things for a party is Bullseye's Playground at Target. I call it the dollar section, and it's now back online. (:

2. Find or buy the the rest of the things you need that support your easy-peasy theme. Chances are the rest of the things you need you will already have, or will be simple and basic finds so that they will compliment, not complete with, the theme.

3. Send out invites with an RSVP so you can plan food and game supplies. Be SURE to mention that there will be prizes for the costume competition - people get way into it if they're motivated to win!

4. Choose your costume. Start making it, or purchase it. Leave enough wiggle room to pick a new one if your plan "A" doesn't work out.

5. Pick your easy-peasy foods. After I did some perusing on Pinterest I narrowed it down to:

  • Halloween Harvest Hash Chex Mix

  • Pumpkin Cheese Ball

  • Halloween Bats (which were hilarious - my mom and I made them and they were the ultimate Pinterest fails - AT FIRST! So keep trying on these ones, laugh your buns off, and get extra supplies, ha! You'll get the hang of it.)

  • Reese Pieces Brownies (Huge hit! Ya'll. Wanna know the all time best brownie mix of all time? Walmart's Great Value Fudge Brownies. I searched high and low for such perfection and they were right under my nose the whole time. If you don't trust me, try 'em. Tip on the Reeses Pieces: add them when there're just a few minutes left on the timer, otherwise the brownies aren't set up enough yet and the candies sink to the bottom.)

  • Veggie Tray

  • Jack O' Lantern Cuties

  • Caramel Apples (sliced and drizzled with caramel and toffee chips for easy eating and serving.)

  • Orange Fanta

One Week Prior

6. Solidify RSVP's so you can estimate food and game supplies

7. Double check that you're in love with your costume - and find something else if you're not

Two - Three Days Prior

8. Purchase and make any food that you can - you will thank yourself later! There is never as much time as you think there will be on the day of.

9. Set up as much decor as you can in the upcoming days to make things smoother on the day of, and to get you jazzed for the party!

Day of

10. Get your costume on!

11. Set up all the food and start the music!

Pro Tips:

  • Remember the music! Spotify has playlists for every occasion, and every kind of party (kid-friendly halloween, old-school halloween, Stranger Things playlist etc.)

  • To determine the winner of the costume party, we do that thing that your teacher did in elementary school and run around the room with our hand above each person or group and then you do the ol' "cheer-o-meter" and see who gets the loudest cheers. For us this is WAY more fun than casting votes because people get HYPED cheering for who they think should win. If it's hard to tell we do the cheer-o-meter on the top three.

  • Most importantly - relax and have fun, and your guests will too (:

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