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Classy Class Reunion Centerpieces

Vibrant, fun, classy, affordable and easy! DIY these centerpieces for any year and any colors to get a beautiful statement representing your high school history.

My cute mom was having her 40-year high school reunion and asked me to help with the centerpieces. These are a great option for budget-conscious classes. We did lots of looking around Hobby Lobby and Pinterest and came up with these - we loved how they turned out.

How to create this look


(Quantity will depend on how many center pieces you need)

  • Mason jars

  • Tulle

  • Cardboard (for making pompoms)

  • Craft sticks or kabob skewers

  • Card stock paper (preferably sparkly, obviously)

  • Assorted ribbon

  • Table cloth

  • Confetti

  • Hot Glue Gun

  • Scissors

1. Paint your Mason Jars

  • We stopped by the event center before purchasing anything to figure out how many tables we would have.

  • You can get a 12 pack of mason jars from your local grocery store or from Amazon for $15 - $20.

  • We used the large, 32 oz ones with a regular mouth.

  • Spray paint the outside of the jar in your high school's magical color. Spray painting the inside makes it tricky to get an even coat and often ends up dripping and looking splotchy.

2. Make your tulle pompoms

  • The technique used in this tutorial gave us the most even pompoms, without having to trim, trim, trim until you trim your pompom down to nothing - ha!

3. Hot glue the end of your kabab skewers into the middle of each pompom. I had jars ready to stick them in so they could dry straight, without being laid flat.

4. Hot glue your assorted ribbon on the skewers

  • We did 3 ribbons on 3 different skewers, per jar.

  • We purposefully created the wands (ribbon skewers) in their own sets, or jars, so that we could coordinate the ribbons and the heights that we wanted. We liked some hanging past the jar and some a little shorter, too.

  • I just snapped off the opposite end of the skewer so I could get it to the right height that I wanted. If you aren't painting your jars, I would recommend using some hefty wood scissors.

  • Be creative! Even if you have one wand you don't like, don't toss it out; keep going and you might be surprised by how nice it looks next to another wand :)

5. Cut out your stars and numbers

  • This is where a Cricut Maker would have been REAL nice. Instead I hand-cut every number and star (eights are the WORST, mind you). We got special tiny scissors so I could get into the inner circle of the eights.

6. Hot glue your stars and numbers together

  • Centerpieces need to look good from all angles so glue your stars back-to-back with a skewer straight out of it. Then glue the numbers on.

  • Trim your stars if they aren't lined up just right. You will have a little more variance in the stars if you cut them by hand.

7. Create your masterpiece! Put it all together.

8. Add confetti around the jar if you need a little more magic on the table.

Pro Tips:

  • Buy the hardest thing to match, first. For example, we got the tablecloths first because thats where we were most limited on color options. Then we matched the paper, tulle and ribbon to the tablecloth.

  • Keep in mind that odd numbers look better to the eye so it's nice to use 3 pompoms, 3 wands etc. in each jar.

  • After playing with the placement in the jars, we realized that placing the pompoms totally below the star looked best with height of the pompoms and wands all being close to the same level.

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