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Becoming a Wedding Planner – 6 Reasons Why They Are Essential for a Successful Event

Weddings are important events in everyone’s lives, and everyone wants their wedding day to be fun, memorable, and perfect. Planning and hosting your wedding alone as a bride can be a daunting task since it requires planning and conceptualizing several different aspects to create a perfect and memorable wedding day.

There are many resources out there for couples to use when they’re wedding planning. They can easily use online budgeting tools and checklists, ideas from Pinterest, and even DIY videos on Youtube. As long as they stay organized and have a clear idea as well as the time to put on their wedding by themselves, they will be able to throw the perfect wedding.

However, no couple should have to be the event managers and do all the hard work on their big day, no matter how prepared and organized they are. Doing so makes it harder for them to have a relaxing and enjoyable day, and it can also be frustrating to the wedding party, the guests, and even the vendors who need support and direction.

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

Wedding planners are hired to help couples plan a successful wedding day and help make sure that everything goes smoothly on the big day. As a wedding planner, you will have many responsibilities, including the planning process, creating a wedding day schedule, and working with the bride and groom to choose everything from attire, to ceremony and reception venues, food, and music.

You are responsible for everything involving the wedding event, and you have to make sure that everything is perfect for the couple, the family, and the guests on the wedding day.

Wedding planners have become necessary these days since hosting a wedding requires dealing with making important decisions and arrangements and looking at a countless number of small details that can leave any inexperienced person stressed out and confused when trying to put together such a special event.

What Skills Does a Wedding Planner Need?

Wedding planners have a lot of duties that they have to perform to make a wedding special, but what kind of skills do they need to possess?

  • Excellent organizational skills

  • Good communication skills

  • Customer care skills

  • Problem-solving skills

  • The ability to work with the unexpected

  • Excellent attention to detail

  • The ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines

  • Negotiation and sales skills

  • The ability to manage a budget

This is only a short list of some of the most critical skills a wedding planner must have to be successful, but it’s a great place to get started!

With all of this in mind, here are six essential reasons why wedding planners are needed for a successful event:

1. Keep you on Schedule

Most venues have a limit on how long their spaces can be used and, often, will charge extra fees when the allocated time is surpassed. It is the wedding planner’s task to keep the wedding on schedule and prevent any extra costs from being incurred. The last thing anyone wants is to be an hour late to the reception because the wedding photos took much longer than expected.

2. Vendor, Guest, and Family Management

Making sure that vendors arrive on time and that they’re providing all the services specified in their contracts is incredibly important. Guests and family members are given an invitation to help them find where the wedding is taking place and when they need to be there, but once they’re there, they’ll need help locating the restrooms, where to put gifts, and other logistics that the wedding planner helps with.

They can also deal with the unique aspects of every family dynamic, including guests with special needs, divorced parents, and other situations that a professional wedding planner is able to deal with.

3. Checklist Review

Having a professional set of eyes to identify any gaps or oversights to the wedding plans is helpful. A wedding planner makes sure that every item on the couples checklist is accounted for − from the unity candle and napkins down to the bride’s veil! This takes the stress off of the soon to be married couples shoulders so that they can sit back and relax and enjoy the big day.

4. Rehearsal Direction

A wedding rehearsal is a perfect way for couples to do a test run of their big day and see how it will be choreographed and how everyone is involved in the process. The wedding planner will be there watching the rehearsal take place so that they can give advice and tweak certain things to make sure that everything is perfect for the wedding day.

5. Surprise Management

Something is comforting about having a wedding planner who will take action if something goes wrong. When a couple hires a professional wedding planner, they will be able to relax as much as possible on the day of their wedding knowing that their wedding planner will take care of anything that might go wrong.

6. Pictures and Finishing Touches

Most weddings have their schedules thrown off because couples don’t have a plan in place for their wedding photos. A wedding planner is there with a list of must have pictures that were made in advance, and they can help guide the process so that each photo is taken in an organized and efficient manner.

Wedding planners can also help ensure that favors, décor, and other minor details are coordinated in a way that’s ready to be photographed so that later couples can see what their guests were able to experience in person.

Hiring a wedding planner can be incredibly helpful when it comes down to the actual wedding day. It is a way for the couple to avoid as much wedding-related stress as possible while still knowing that everything will be as perfect as they imagined it to be. Wedding planners make sure that everything stays on schedule and budget throughout the entire process and they give invaluable advice from the wedding colors to the wedding dress itself.

If you feel that you can handle all the stress and responsibility that comes with a wedding planning career and you possess many of the skills needed to become a successful wedding planner, then becoming a wedding and event planner may be something you can do in the future.

A professional wedding planner can show potential clients the incredible need for an experienced wedding planner and they can then begin to gain the hands-on experience they need to continue building their business.

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